Anyway to Change Music Video Naming Conventions?

I prefer my music videos (and MP3s) named ‘song title - artist.ext’ - it’s easier for me to find music that way. I assume that Kodi uses the ID3/4 tag data for MP3s, since they scan just fine the way I have them named. Is there any way that I can force Kodi to accept music videos named the reverse of what it expects - artist-title - instead? I really do not want to rename close to 1000 files just because of a picky program. Thanks.

Because of that fact I think you are much better of asking the question on the Kodi Forum Kodi Community Forum - Information Providers (scrapers)
Maybe also search this for filenamefilters

You could create an .nfo for each music video and tell kodi to use the local info rather than a scraper.

If you have any programming experience, python, bash or similar, you can write a simple script to generate the nfo files, or there are nfo generating programs out there (google for them) but they might be overkill for what you need.

Thanks… I tried the advancedsettings trick, but that didn’t seem to have any effect on Music Videos… :frowning:

I just assumed since I am using OSMC/Kodi on the Pi that this would be the proper place… I’ll try the Kodi Forum. Thanks again.

That seems like a lot of extra clutter which might negate my reason for keeping the files named my way in the first place… Thanks, though. I’ll keep this in mind if I need it.

OK… so in case anyone else has this problem… I did find this scraper - IMVDb Music Video Scraper - IMVDB Music Video Scraper. It doesn’t seem to be perfect - it mis-labeled some songs - but I can live with it. I may have to manually fix a few or rename a few, but it’s better than renaming close to 1000 and screwing up a filing system that works fine for me… Thanks anyway y’all.