APK file on Vero 4K


I have an APK file I would like to install on my Vero 4K OSMC. I’ve tried to transfer it via USB, but Vero 4K cant find the file on USB and I’ve tried via Filezilla, but again I can’t see the file. Does anybody have a solution to this?



OSMC is not Android based. You’d need to be running Android for this to work.
We are planning a dual boot release for Android in the future.


apk is an Android package file. You will not be able to use it on a Vero 4K as it’s not running Android.

Okay thanks. So there is no way I can install the file however

No. OSMC is not Android.

Remember, with Android, you are the product.

Does anybody know if there is a iptv player where I can input server name, username, password and port 1 and port 2?

It would help if you told use exactly what you are trying to accomplish.

I would like to use maaptv

Contact them, and ask if they support Kodi on opensource. They should be able to suggest a player for you.

They say example VLC, MX Player, VPlayer, XMTV Player. Are they available on kodi?

Usually, IPTV providers can be added using Kodi’s IPTV plugin.

Ask them if they have support for Kodi.
There is probably an M3U playlist that can be used.

They will be more capable of helping you than us