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I performed a clean usb install of the November issue of OSMC on a brand new RPi2 and have subsequently made several unsuccessful attempts to install FTP from the App Store in My OSMC. Each try results in the download and installation process showing in the box at top right of screen but culminates in the same OSMC Update Error “Error Installing : Please report this on the OSMC Forum” followed, after clicking OK, by the Update message “Operations successfully completed”. On checking Services installed, FTP is still absent. I have a RPi B+ running the OSMC October update on which I successfully installed FTP via the App Store a month ago and am wondering if this current error is a known issue with the RPi2/November update.Can anyone throw any light on this for me please.

To get a better understanding of the problem you are experiencing we need more information from you. Please see How to submit a useful support request - General - OSMC for advice on how to help us.

Thank you, sorry I didnt provide the requisite info. The log file is here

Other details as follows: Clean install to Sony Micro sd card and Transcend flash 3.0 8gb USB (previously used for Gotham 14.2 installation on RPi B+) of OSMC November (Isengard 15.2) on Raspberry Pi 2 (new with no previous installations), hdmi connected to Samsung TV, simple remote dongle, wired internet connection (ethernet cable via home plug to TP-Link router), 5v 2000Ma power adapter with in-line switch. All peripherals apart from sd card and USB stick previously used without problem running OSMC October on RPi 1 B+

Hope this is sufficient to determine the source of the error. Many thanks.

I can see that you have many many unsupported addons installed which maybe conflicting with the app store.

Please can you do a fresh clean install of OSMC and then add FTP form the app store.


Thank you CaNsA … I can, of course, do a new clean install but I was hoping to avoid that in view of the time it takes this non-techy OAP to set up everything again. I am surprised at your reference to “many many addons” … is 19 considered too many? And how do I know which are not ‘offical’? Indeed, on my previous RPi B+ install I had similar addons at the point of downloading FTP and did not experience a problem. I have now uninstalled some and disabled others, but unfortunarely to no effect regarding the App Store. If a fresh start is the only solution I will obviously have to go down that route. Thank you for your time.

Well if you want to spent some time we could try to get it going from here.

  1. Access your OSMC via ssh
  2. Run sudo apt-get -f install and post the output
  3. Run sudo apt-get purge vsftpd and sudo apt-get purge ftp-app-osmc and post the output
  4. Run sudo apt-get install ftp-app-osmc and let us know how it goes


This error seems unrelated to anything you have done, and actually a problem with the Debian repositories:

Log started: 2015-12-05  10:34:50
Selecting previously unselected package vsftpd.
 files list file for package 'libnss-myhostname:armhf' is missing final newline
Log ended: 2015-12-05  10:34:50```

Looks like a package has not been formatted correctly. I will check the Debian repository and check with the maintainer of this package to see if there is indeed an issue. I suggest in a couple of days you run ```sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -f install```. I'll update this thread soon.


@fzinken Thank you for your input … in view of Sam’s comments I am going to follow his advice and wait a couple of days beore trying anything else. Your help is much appreciated though.

Cheers Sam, many thanks for taking a look, I only wish I understood more technical stuff but glad to hear the problem can hopefully be rectified. I will follow youryour advice.

You may need to clear your apt cache before checking for updates again, if the problem was due to a corrupt file on one of the debian mirrors. You can do this with the following command:

sudo apt-get clean

Then check for updates again. I’m not seeing this issue but I’m almost certainly connecting to a different mirror than you. In the past this type of problem has resolved itself after a day or two.


The addons which allow you to watch pirated media are not supported.
They can also conflict with the normal operation of OSMC

Further to what CaNsA said…

Officially supported addons are either from osmc or the official kodi repository.

You can find the offical kodi addons here:

Some addons cause problems because they aren’t well coded or tested.
Whether the access pirated material is truly irrelevant when it comes to whether an add-on can cause stability problems.

Think of it like aftermarket parts for cars. Some of which, can improve performance, but many are inferior to factory parts and can cause problems.

The best thing to do, is install an add-on and test it for a while to ensure it’s not causing instability.
If it 100% stable, install another.
If you install a bunch of add-ons and then run into stability problems, then you have no idea which one is causing issues.

You can also have cases where a single addon is ok but when combined with another, they can cause unexpected problems. (Analogy: Similar to mixing 2 different prescription drugs.)

Some addons can even do things behind the scenes that you don’t want.
You wouldn’t install just any old app on your PC would you ?
An add-on in Kodi is no different. It’s software, and because of that you want to know it is safe to install.

In this case it looks like it’s not an addon issue but keep the the above in mind.

Belated thanks, fellas, for such helpful advice (and warnings) … I really appreciate everyone’s comments and have taken all suggestions on board. For the record, I ended up doing a clean install again, but of the October update this time, not the November one, then downloaded the FTP option from the app store before installing addons. No problems this time. I suspect Sam had managed to sort the package problem in any case - but as I was having additional problems with the start up sd card I thought it best to start afresh anyway. Thanks to each of you for taking the time to respond, especially Spinner whose detailed but simplified explanation was more easily understood by my female OAP brain. Great stuff!

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I don’t think Spinner will quite grasp that, but I’m glad you’re back up and running.

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It would give me great pleasure to buy you a beer or two Sam, but sadly we rarely get down that way from our mountain retreat but I have made a donation to OSMC instead. I assume you’re holidaying here … weather is great, do enjoy it. :sunglasses:

Thanks Wendy!

I am travelling at the moment but not to Spain. I do go to Estepona in the summer each year though.



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