App Store Issue or not


When i acess app store from my osmc i only have a couple of apps.

TV Headend Server

FTP Server





Where can i search for more, i can’t find any search option.

I want to install deluge via app store but i can’t find anything. Maybe i should install it via command line


These are currently all the apps that are available via the App Store. Apps in the App Store are pre packed and ready to go installations. But you your able to install any Debian package via sudo apt-get install from the command line.

Also instead of Deluge there is transmission in the app store

Allright thanks,

I read somewhere that deluge has available in osmc via app store thats why i’m asking.
I installed deluged via apt-get but the remote access when is downloading is extremely slow.

I actually chose to bundle Transmission instead of Deluge in the end


For what i use from transmission deluged seens better, more options, better interface,…