Appearance->background settings don't work


First post here :slight_smile: Hoping someone may know why my OSMC appearance->background settings have no effect. On intial install of OSMC on RPI3, I thought OSMC looked a little bland: solid blue background, no images, textures or seperating lines. It wasn’t until yesterday I saw screenshots on the web and realized there are options for the extra “effects”. I found what I believe are the settings in appearance->backgrounds and turned them all on. No effect. At first they wouldn’t even persist on reset, but now they seem to stick, but still no change in visuals. Could I be missing files or config files? Below is what I thought would be the relevant logs. Any hints on where to look to fix this would be awesome! Thanks!

Are you certain that these were not from a completely different skin all together? Exactly what background settings are you talking about that you turned on?

Hi ActionA, thanks for the reply. I’ll be really embarrassed if I’m totally wrong here.

My OMSC currently looks like: An improved look and feel for OSMC - OSMC (solid blue background)

I assumed the settings in settings->appearance->skin->settings->background-> [show background visualization, etc]
were to add a bit of the visual goodies as you see here:

Am I out to lunch and its simply a newer revision of the skin?

thanks again