Apple Magic Mouse and Keyboard

I tried to pair apple magic mouse with the OSMC running on RPI 2 and it’s was paired fine, but looks like it’s not functioning, is there anything special need to be done to cause the mouse to work ?

The keyboard is paired fine and working, but now the question how to do that I can use bluetooth keyboard in the RPI boot ?

Thanks !!!

Bluetooth mice have not been tested in OSMC to my knowledge, so it may be that they don’t currently work. I don’t have a bluetooth mouse myself to do any testing with one.

If you mean, can you use a bluetooth keyboard from a local console the answer is yes, it should work, however it will take some time for it to start working during the boot process, so it would not be ready early enough to for example hold shift for the recovery console.

But if you disable the mediacenter service then about 5-10 seconds after connman launches during boot a previously paired bluetooth keyboard should connect and start working, allowing you to log in at a local console. You may have to press a key on the keyboard to initiate the connection.

Likewise if you exit Kodi then press ESC at the splash screen you should be able to log in to a local console from there with a bluetooth keyboard. I’m pretty sure I have done this before.

Thanks !!!