Apple Remote pairing

Sam, you twitted to me about pairing the Apple Remote of my ATV on the Vero with a lircd.conf.
Can you detail the procedure ?

In a few days this will be possible from My OSMC


Will it be possible to use the Apple remote with a PI and a usb IR receiver to? Or is it only with the Vero IR receiver?

I have one of those bad boys just sitting there.

Here. Have a cake :cake:

What usb receiver?? Most are proprietary and won’t work with just any remote. A gpio receiver will work

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You can use a GPIO TSOP receiver to do this


I think our apple .conf file is incomplete in that it doesn’t have all possible variations of the Apple remote so some Apple remote users will have to learn their remote. It’s only a few buttons so it’s not that hard

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Right. I did not now that.
I have a HP MCE IR receiver that works on raspbmc with a few MCE remotes I have.

Well I learned something new today then.

The GPIO receiver is only $2.00 and doesn’t take up a usb port or a lot of current, definitely the preferred way to go on a PI in my opinion

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I select Apple Remote in MyOSMC-Remote section, but I can’t select the confirm button, nor withe the Vero Remote nor with the Apple Remote. What I’m wrong ?

Apple remotes have a user configurable 8 bit prefix. This means there can be up to 256 “different” sets of Apple remote codes depending on what ID number is selected on the remote.

See the following article:

So at the moment you would either need to learn your own remote or use the menu and center trick to increment the ID number until you found the one that the existing lircd.conf works for…

Thank you

Silver Remote added with standard procedure after some updates :wink:

Yes, the built in Apple white and Apple silver remote profiles will now work with all Apple remotes regardless of pairing identity.

Not sure if this is the best place to ask this question but I am at a loss. I’ve been trying to get my ATV silver remote to work with my RPB+ and Samsung TV, which is a 2007 model. Shouldn’t the HDMI technology allow this to work? Or, is there a file I need to add other than the one from the remotes folder in OSMC settings? Thank you

This thread is about using the apple remote with an IR receiver connected to the device itself. You can’t use your TV as the receiver for the apple remote.

If your TV support CEC you can probably use your samsung remote to control OSMC, or you can get an IR receiver for the Pi to use your apple remote with it.

The guys recommend a gpio receiver, but my standard usb mce receiver worked just fine. But it’s no guarantee that any mce receiver will work though.

Got it, thanks. My tv is probably too old to work with the default remote.