Apple Remote with Long Keypresses on Raspberry Pi - Apple Pi

So here I have assembled a little video on an alternative , and better way to use the Apple Remote on Raspberry Pi . Last I tested an Applle Remote on LIRC there was no way to support the much needed long keypresses on Raspberry Pi. I do not know this is still the case but I suspect so.

1 Behaves EXACTLY like Apple TV1 (except reboot)
2 Long keypress support
3 Pairing
4 simultaneous use via Programmable 3rd Party NEC protocol remote Using Apple IR sensor
5 Simultaneous use with GPIO IR sensor and LIRC

see how it works here

If there is interest I will post a step by steo.

This also works on Apple TV for installation of a third party NEC Protocol remote simultaneously with the Apple Remote

Works on x86(Linux) , x86_64(Linux) , OSMC ATV1, OSMC RaspberryPi, and probably mosty ANY version of OSMC if you compile it.

Now your ATV1 and Raspberry Pi can have the SAME remotes, and exactly the same behaviour