Apple remote with raspberry 3B+ tutorial?

I am a total beginner with both raspberry and osmc. I configure osmc on the raspberry and it works very fine.
I have an Apple aluminium remote and would like to connect it to OSMC.
I bought an IR receiver and connect it to the raspberry like this:
I went to the osmc prefs to select the Apple remote from the remote list, reboot… but it does not work.
I feel like I am missing something here… But don’t know what.
Anybody knows where I could find a step-by-step tutorial, for beginners, to install and activate the Apple remote.
Thanks in advance.

You have to also enable it in the RPi’s config.txt. You can do this in the My OSMC add-on>Pi Config>Hardware Support>gpio_pin>

OK. I did it and set it up to 18 pins. Restart and it worked ! Thanks !

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