Apple Siri Remote and OSMC on Apple TV 1

Hello everyone,

I have a simple question, will the new Apple Siri Remote work with the Apple TV 1 with OSMC installed? Does anyone have experience with this?


Probably not…

too bad… do you think I could get it working… the signal is just IR, isn’t it?

The remote codes may be the same, but are you sure Apple would be using IR in 2018?
Siri will definitely not be usable. It’s probably Bluetooth based if they’re carrying voice.

Well they seems to have Bluetooth and IR both… found this about it somewhere on reddit:
“IR so it can control the volume and power on any TV/receiver.
Bluetooth for everything else.”

So I would say the IR functions would respond just like the first and second generation apple remote? Would it be possible to get the bluetooth functions to work (especially the touchpad on it) with a Bluetooth 4.0 dongle? Thanks!

I don’t know, sorry.

If you have a network connected device with Siri installed homebridge might be worth a try.
I’m thinking of the homebridge-pc-volume accessory.

With that you should be able to control the volume of any macOS and/or Linux (w/ ALSA) device in your LAN.
You could use the cmdlineswitch for the other controls (play, pause, etc)