Apple TV for £20: Worth It in 2020?

A friend is clearing his cupboards, and found his old Apple TV with OSMC and the Broadcom card already installed. He’s offered to sell it to me for £20, and I’m tempted.

Is it worthwhile in 2020? Will it even work in 2020? I’m a complete n00b and I haven’t used OSMC before, and this feels like it could be a good, cheap intro for me.

It only works with a 2 year old version of OSMC/Kodi

I’d read that, but I don’t really understand the pitfalls that come with that. I’ve never used Kodi or OSMC before.

If all you need is a device that plays low- mid Bitrate 720p and 1080p files encded with x264 from a mkv file you should be fine.

But it’s definitely not future proof.

Buying a used raspberry pi 3 would probably be a better investment and not majorly more expensive

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I had 2 Apple TVs which was version 1 and got rid of it. Raspberry PI is better.

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Thanks, all. I’ll give it a miss and just use a Raspberry Pi or buy a Vero instead.

A major shortcoming would be the fact that scraper APIs have since changed, which would impact your ability to use Kodi’s library mode quite significantly, unless you used NFO files.

The same goes for a number of add-ons.

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