Apple TV1 - anytime soon?

Hiya Sam et al :smile:

As someone who was about to trial before the old site died, I wondered if there was any news on the “coming soon” of the ATV1 installer?
I know it’s kind of against programmers rules to release any dates etc etc, however The last update any of us saw was that it was almost ready to go, however missing something to do with video drivers. This was around a month ago, with no word since.

My ATV has been sat here in bits awaiting a release. Should i just pack it all away and come back in 6 months? Or maybe install the old version of openelec, however would really rather go with something newer :smile:

So - not asking for a specific date - Just really asking on behalf of the lots who keep asking about either the old site, or the release of OSMC…

There’s lots of us out here willing to trial etc… :smile:

Apologies and thanks!

Any reason not to install openelec while you wait for the something new? Seems to work fine for most people. I did try it a while back, but I had some problems with the remote or something, for some reason. But it’s quick to try, and at least you have a box you can use while you wait. When something new for the atv1 will come along, seems quite uncertain to me.

any news on osmc for atv 1 any chance of a eta