AppleTV will not power down

Just installed the latest OSMC 2017.08-1-HDD and created the USB stick from my Macbook and then slapped it on the AppleTV and got it installed on the hard drive. Is that the correct version to install on the internal hdd of the AppleTV? At 1st I was thinking since I am creating a USB stick to install it, I needed to get the USB version but then thought, nope… I think I need to get the HDD version even though I am creating the bootable media on the USB stick, the final destination is to be installed on the internal HDD.

I get it booting and now finally able to get it pointed to my Ubuntu system where I will home the media. For the life of me I could not get it to work with my Apple Time Capsule. Oh well… I can start putting the media on the Ubuntu box.

My problem at the moment… I can’t power the Apple TV off. I select power off from Kodi and some linux jargon fills the screen, says System Halted… and locks there. AppleTV remains on and does not power off.

Does it supposed to?

Or do I need to do something from the remote to turn it off?

I tried holding down the main play button for 10 seconds… nope… the same for Home button… nope… I have to resort to yanking the power cord or switching the surge strip to off. That will get old.

Any advice would be great!



That would be the expected behavior.

You should read this link.

Thank you.

I have connected the Apple TV to a surge strip with on/off button and will shut it down after use.

Over the weekend I tried leaving the AppleTV on and just switching the HDMI feed on the Samsung TV to my normal Channel Master box to bring in antenna TV. All was fine until the next day.

Turned on the TV in the AM and all TV channels were the PINK Mageneta type color I get when booting the OSMC Apple TV. It was weird. I had to then switch over to the Apple TV and shut it down yet the TV remained Pink Magenta.

I had to shut the AppleTV off, the TV off, and reboot all to get the odd color to go away.

Not sure why it did that but told me to not leave the AppleTV on 24/7 as there is some issue with that and my TV setup.