Applied Bello skin, now can't launch Settings

Hey all,

I just tried playing around with some alternative skins and, after much experimenting, decided to stick with the stock OSMC one (even though there’s no movie synopsis feature??). Anyway, I was running with the Bello theme at the point of deciding to revert, but now when I go to the Settings option on the main menu, nothing happens. I can’t find any way to get to the Settings -> Appearance configuration screen which allows me to switch back to another skin.

Can anyone help here or am I stuck in the realm of Bello for the rest of eternity?? I really don’t fancy reinstalling OSMC because of this.

If you get really stuck delete guisettings.xml while Kodi is stopped:

sudo systemctl stop mediacenter
rm /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/guisettings.xml
sudo systemctl start mediacenter

This will put all settings under Settings (including skin choice) back to defaults, but won’t affect sources, the media library, installed addons etc.

I’ve tried Bello before but can’t say I like it.

Super, thanks for that.

That worked an absolute treat, thanks very much!

I’m curious… I like the clean, snappy interface that OSMC provides but I do like to have a synopsis of films. What’s the best way to get this? Is it at all possible within the OSMC skin or do I have to use an alternative?

Does pressing info when a movie is selected not being up the movie synopsis ?

Nope. I’m using the official OSMC remote control and pressing the info button takes me to one of the settings pages, IIRC.

I will check for sure tonight, but I know I’ve already tried that.