Applied the March Update on my RPI3 and now SMB sources do not work

Applied the March Update MANUALLY on one of my RPI3 and now SMB sources on home NAS do not work. I have 2 other OSMC’s in the house that have not been updated and they still work fine, so it seems it is something in the OSMC March update. I am getting a “permission denied” error in the kodi log.
I have verified that I can run “smbclient” from the OSMC command line and can login and access the SMB shares with no issues. Did something change in the way OSMC accesses SMB shares in the March update? Any help appreciated. Thanks.


Did none of this help?

Thanks for the quick response. I did do some searching before I posted, guess that is what you are implying, but did not see anything that seemed relevant to my specific situation. Although, I agree with you that the chance of SMB functionality being broken during an update and a lot more of the OSMC community not screaming about it, is unlikely. So, I assume this is probably a failed update.

That brings me to next question, how can I remove and reapply the March update? Is their a way to do it thru “apt”, I really would prefer not to burn a new SD image and start all over. I have tried to re-run the update thru OSMC (no updates needed) and apt-get (remove and reinstall) but that didn’t seem to help.

Would be nice if there was some way to go back to previous version (OSMC 2017.03-0) and see if it restores SMB share functionality. Then, reapply the update and verify results good or bad.

Just completed a very interesting test:

  • Downloaded and burned 2017-02-10.img (Feb update) - performed bare bones default OSMC install and it WAS able to see my SMB sources.
  • Downloaded and burned 2017-03-22.img (Mar update) - performed bare bones default OSMC install and it WAS NOT able to see my SMB sources

This confirms that something changed in the OSMC March update that doesn’t play well at least specific to my SMB setup. I’ll see if I can dig up some logs on the specific kodi and SMB errors.
Also, I confirmed that I can mount the SMB share on the CMD line. It’s just OSMC GUI that is not able to do it.

Try deleting the sources in Kodi and re-add them? Or mount the sources with fstab and add to Kodi by local path. This generally performs better anyway.