Apps to control OSMC devices with Kodi exist!

All! I’m so excited I just had to tell everyone that there are apps that you can use to control your box from your phone!! (your box running Kodi of course). No more lefty righty clicky for entering text and keyboard stuff!! (biggest bonus for me).

So good!

i0s: ‎Official Kodi Remote on the App Store
android: (and others)

These are Kodi apps – so they should already be well known in the community.



I’m very surprised this is news to you a lot of people including me have been using the kodi remote from phone tablet for a long time. Personally I really like the compact vero4k remote but I have multiple 4ks and lost one remote

Yes very much news (to me) - especially being able to have a decent keyboard for text entry. The Vero is my first Kodi device. The kodi wiki is like treading through a mine field.

I can only speak for myself but in my experience youtube this days is usually better then any wiki anyone could write just because its visual and unless you are looking for some very specific things someone has probably made a youtube video about it already.

Yatse is another great app to control Kodi too.

Using the web interface can get much of this functionality as well and is my general go to. I have been using Arch for years and it is really quick and easy to kick off a library scan and see that the new content was actually added.

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