April Update - 2019.04-01 Problems

Just sat down after a hard day of work yesterdag and got a prompt of an update.

Updated to 2019.04-01 and all saw a hint of DB update.

After reboot the whole index of my movies was gone and i cannot readd it after this.
I have reinstalled to the lastest 2018 version and i dont know whar really happend.

I jumped over to PLEX and it took 2 min to install and configure the movies again against a share and start indexing.

In OSMC 2019 i go to Videos\Files\Mapped Drive of NAS
I go the a folder within that path choose scan for new content and set what content it is.

Then it just says scanning for new content. It usally presents the files it scanns and finds but just static info.
When brosewing the share i can see folders and sample files but not the video file itseld within the rar archive. Its like the rar functionality is gone.

I have reseted the library several times in Settings\Media\Library\Clean library
But only 4 items are added in the index.

I have reinstalled, restarted updated, restarted NAS that is the source and PLEX on windows is up and running in 2 min so what could be the problem here.
Im useing an manual mapping within SMB and after reinstall im editing this file /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/sources.xml

Auto-mounted drives /media/ true QNAP smb://username:password@ipnumber/foldery/ true

Any tip is welcome

Well the first tip is to provide debug logs if you want people to help you.
Second tip would be to use smb mounting outside of Kodi (either fstab or autofs) as it in the long run gives you a much more reliable scenario.

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I dont see anything in the general log.
But here is the full log: http://oldlink.com

Well since the media is mapped within the application there should be no issues to handle the data in my opinion :slight_smile:

Ill look into the alternatives of mapping the network drive.
And no issues like this is not reported before not seeing the files of rar/file within rar?


Mapped with the following:

sudo mount -t cifs //IP/FOLDER/ /mnt/DATA/ -o user=USERX -o password=PASSWORD

While indexing o got the error message Unable to connect to remote server. Would you like to continue scanning ?
I pressed yes several times.

Added path from Root file system, /mnt/Data/
and i still cannot see the rared files, only folders and sample.

and within the movies session i only see 4 movies after index.

Its like i see the data but the OSMC cant handle the data or like the DB is corrupted.

Does this help more about explaining the problem ?

RAR support from Kodi 18 onwards has been moved into to a plugin. It’s already installed (so is in the list of installed add ons) but you need to enable it yourself for now.

Note there are two add ons listed/installed, but you should enable just one of them - in my case I chose the RAR one. Once you’ve done that, reboot and you should see the file(s) in your RAR virtual folders.

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Hello educated_pork,

wow, this is a huge and critical information…
So that’s probably why no movies are added.

A big sign about this before the upgrade process should be implemented in my opinion if not added already

Thanks for the info educated_pork, everything works now.

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