April update and xperience 1080

Hey guys,

After the April update my system crashed (sad face). I read the forum and saw that other people suggested an app might be the problem.

I used it as an excuse to completely wipe my card and start fresh. I set up my folders again and used my favourite skin xperience1080. When I rebooted my pi it had the same problem. There were no apps loaded, so it has to be xperience1080. Is this going to be resolved or should I start looking at other skins ?

Total beginner at all of this, and getting frustrated.

For the time being switch to other skins.

Same issue with Xperience 1080 here had to ssh in and delete /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/guisettings.xml
to get osmc to boot without a sad face.
Love the gui and hope there’s an update soon???