April update black screen Vero 4k+ with Sony 2017 TV

My screen stays black after the blue OSMC boot logo. The Kodi UI never shows.
There is HDMI input, it is just black.

It works with an old (maybe 2013) Samsung TV.

Are you able to login to the device via SSH?

There are a number of reasons why you may not see a picture.


Yes I am, which logs do you need?

Run grab-logs -A and post the url.



Something is wrong with your MySQL database:

2019-04-22 17:45:21.827 T:3961062112 NOTICE: MYSQL: Connected to version 10.2.23-MariaDB-10.2.23+maria~stretch
2019-04-22 17:45:21.841 T:3961062112 ERROR: SQL: [MyMusic72] Undefined MySQL error: Code (1142)
Query: SELECT idVersion FROM version
2019-04-22 17:45:21.841 T:3961062112 ERROR: Process error processing job

You may find dropping the newly created databases helps fix the migration process.

Yes thank you, I just noticed this too reading the uploaded log.

For everyone finding this via Google at some point :slight_smile: :
The DB user kodi only had Access to MyVideo107 not the migrated MyVideo116 Database

It worked on the other tv because I never bothered to connect the Ethernet while testing…

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks again for the help

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