April update causes System freezes

After thinking i was running ok after being left for a while when i went to get some food I came back and the gui was froze again. Time was still showing from few hours before.which I think was 6.01pm
This time there is an error showing
here is dmesg output https://www.dropbox.com/s/ud1fa4ylxdvaa5m/dmesg.txt?dl=0
here is last part of journalctl https://www.dropbox.com/s/aw6s7949ythpkx5/journalctl.txt?dl=0
kodi log https://www.dropbox.com/s/83k5t4cco4udymz/kodi.log?dl=0

I’m running 2016.05-1 on rbp 3 b and I also have the freeze.

I’ve noticed it happens for me when I was streaming something from an addon and then pausing the player, getting back directly to :osmc: “home” (without using previous menu but home button on OSMC remote control instead), browsing to another addon, and when it’s trying to fetch thumbnails then the system freezes.

Okay, this is something new. That’s a kernel panic in tcp_urg, and so not a kodi issue.
Be interesting if the same issue occurs again (for you or for others).

Can you reliably replicate this kernel panic? Does the program counter always hold tcp_urg()?

Dont know how to replicate other than leaving it idle.
I’m watching movies at the moment but will keep an eye out and let you know.
It did freeze this morning when I went to watch a movie, a few seconds in, but there wasn’t any errors in dmesg.

Some more changes to try.

@popcornmix has added a guard around vchiq again.

Please try the following for Pi 1

wget http://apt.osmc.tv/pool/main/r/rbp1-mediacenter-osmc/rbp1-mediacenter-osmc_16.1.0-7_armhf.deb -O pi1-mediacenter.deb
sudo dpkg -i pi1-mediacenter.deb
sudo reboot

And the following for Pi2/Pi3:

wget http://apt.osmc.tv/pool/main/r/rbp2-mediacenter-osmc/rbp2-mediacenter-osmc_16.1.0-7_armhf.deb -O pi2-mediacenter.deb
sudo dpkg -i pi2-mediacenter.deb
sudo reboot

Testing is very much appreciated,


I’ll test this ASAP.
Can you please post instruction for reverting to the March release too? I would like to test that too if this doesn’t work.

Just download the March image from the blog. It’s the easiest way

Updating to this version now, will let you know the outcome, thanks.

Will I lose all the settings?

no, I just did it and it updates it over the top as usual

I think @Jean was referring to installing the March Image and not the updates Sam suggested.

If you install march image all settings/data would be lost. You could use the Backup function in MyOSMC to at least save your Kodi settings. While it might be best to do a complete image of your current install so that you can fall back. Or install on second SD card.

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FWIW, mine has been shaky as well after the last update. It seems to hang when you try fast-forwarding when watching something from TVHeadend. I am extremely pressed for time at the moment so I do not have much time to test. Shall I take it that rbp1-mediacenter-osmc_16.1.0-7_armhf.deb is for testing and the fix will be in the next release? If so when? On the blog I see:
2016.05-1 9bd3206bdb4e112c8b4cbd1e24fd1e89
2016.04-1 20413abde6065ee7bf31caa7344118cb
2016.02-3 31e47e995a6c1671a1ae32bd84a13e59

Whish is the march one? Does not a new image overwrite all my settings?

Updated, installed smb service, still ‘freeze’


That’s the March one. March update was extremely minor and was primarily fixing issues on the newly released Pi3 and Vero 2


The testing build brought something new though, now there is a freeze whenever I try to play a video.

On my RPi1 it still freezes. The behavior slightly changed: now Kodi hangs completly when launching a video, and the skin doesn’t either show the “Please wait” dialog like before. As usual, a reboot (now possible only with SSH) solves temporarely the issue

Well so far for me it hasn’t froze once. Have been going through the gui fast, skipping forward and back while playing. Cant seem to get it to happen. :grin:

Can you be clear about what you testing? Is this a clean March install, or did you update to Sam’s new piX-mediacentre.deb file?

Sorry, I have updated to the version Sam linked 16.1.0-7