April Update degraded Wi-fi connection on Pi 3B+

After I resolved the problem of hardwired network connection on PI 3B+ by flipping it to a wireless connection, see the original thread here,

the April update has caused the Wi-Fi connection to act almost as badly. The wired connection is somewhat better, and This thread seems to provide further relief.

The ‘real world’ status is such that while I can watch content by myself, the unit is no longer usable in a family environment, (occasional stutters, Wi-Fi connection takes 90 seconds to load a title compared to <10 sec previously, skipping chapters cause a hang-up etc)

In addition to any thoughts on a resolution for this problem, whether any thought had been given to some sort of LTS strategy


We’re aware of some network issues with the new Pi 3 B+ and we will continue to track kernel / firmware updates as they are made available by Raspberry Pi.

The Pi 3B+ is quite new, so there isn’t a mature stack yet.

Your WiFi issue may be environmental however.

It’s connected to a Google mesh network, current download rate is 70Mb/s, configuration unchanged since before the April update