April update roll back?

Can I easily roll back to before the April update?

If I had known that the update included Leia I wouldn’t have done it. The skin I use isn’t compatible, and I need to keep it the same because of family members.

If you made a backup of your kodi settings etc you can reinstall the December release then restore that backup.

I didn’t. I checked the settings for the update, and it doesn’t do it if you check manually and update.

OK. Rumour has it Kodi doesn’t overwrite the v17 databases but keeps them so I believe you can still do a backup now (to a USB stick, say), re-install OSMC 2018-12 and restore the backup.

If you have tvheadend on the device, you will also need to back up the .tvh directory.

If you have any other files like videos on the vero’s internal storage, better back those up too.

Fingers crossed. Which backup method should I use?

Backup and restore via My OSMC

Ok, I selected run manual backup now, but it jumps back to the my OSMC circular menu and seems to be doing nothing. Does it give any indication normally?

Ok, there is a 500mb backup there, so it’s obviously just very fast.

so i’m downloading the disk image of the last release, whats the correct procedure to install it?

Do du -h . to compare the size

If you are on Windows or Mac use the installer to write it to a USB stick or SD card on Linux (eg the Vero use dd to write to USB stick or SD card.