Arctic Zephyr homescreen background /update question

Hi All,

I have been puzzling for a while on how to fix this issue, and I cannot seem to find information anywhere.

I am running OSMC on a Pi 2 with the Arctic Zephyr skin.
This skin appears to be running a background animation on the home page which is a list of “spotighted” media.

I cannot find any way to change this setting, as I would like to change it to my recently added media. I have explored the skin settings and cannot seem to see the option anywhere on how to change this.

Side question - any idea how to look for updates on an installed skin whilst installed? ie - update the skin through OSMC?

Thanks in Advance!

Hi @scotty, - that is the official forum where you can find all information about this skin. Arctic Zephyr’s autor is great guy and he will answer all of your questions.

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