Are all RTL2832U based USB devices supported?


I’m looking to buy a cheap USB dongle for watching DVB-T. I’m planning to use it with Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ running OSMC. Unfortunately, I cannot find many options to get a hold of such in my country - most websites don’t bother to list a brand/model on their product pages, and just say that it includes a CD with drivers (supposedly for Windows), so I cannot check on LinuxTV whether they are supported.

However, some do say that the USB dongle they’re selling is based on RTL2832U, which, as can be seen here, is supported on Linux. Hence, my questions:

  • Does “based on RTL2832U” mean it is guaranteed to work in OSMC (or any other Linux with recent kernel)?
  • If so, would it work out-of-the-box, or would it require me to do something specific for the specific “brand”?

Thanks in advance!

It would help if you told us your country :wink:

My country is Bulgaria. And yes, I know that I could probably order from some external website, but I’d rather not, and even if I would, the question still holds.

The official OSMC one would be a good choice: DVB-T2/DVB-C TV dongle - OSMC

No – not all tuners are supported, but this is usually due to VID/PID changes.

I don’t know about Bulgaria’s plans for DVB-T2, but purchasing a DVB-T2 one will give you an element of future proofing.

If you want to buy a DVB-T dongle check German ebay they should be on sale for 2-3 Euro as they are useless other than for adb-s

If that is the case, would something like this make such a device work? I haven’t played around with drivers, but this looks like an easy patch to do.

I don’t know about any plans for T2 and I doubt that would happen soon. However, this reminds me of another questions I had: Does a DVB-T2 device also capture DVB-T signals? Or it has to be specifically marked to support T and T2?

Usually, yes.

DVB-T2 can also handle DVB-T. Usually there is an additional demodulator for DVB-T2/DVB-C (as in the official OSMC dongle)