Are OSMC updating safe on RPI2?

Hi All,

I am new, I apologize but I didn’t understand how use the template this forum is a bit complicated for me, I would ask a question if I can…

After cloned and mounted root on external hard drive I would update the system with aptitude instead apt and it broke the system so I had installing again OSMC, fine.

The question is: is it safe making updating with APT for the RPI2 installed by the image or if preferable I give up to do any update?

Thanks in advance for your replies!

apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade operations are safe on OSMC


Hi, just a quick reply I upgraded with the command “aptitude safe-upgrade” but it downloaded the new kernel (4.x.x.) and, as I read there is not the initramfs tools, after the upgrading the system was not able to load the modules and thus booting.

How apt-get upgrade and aptitude safe-upgrade are quite similar how can I be sure that using apt instead aptitude I am not going to have the same issue?


OSMC delivers all of its updates via APT and this has been tried and tested by many, many users.

This should not be an issue. Currently we have no initramfs for Pi and one is not needed. All modules needed for mounting the rootfs are inlined.