Are special downloads offline? or is it just me


Im trying to download the installer for the raspberry pi 3, but when i go to

i try to clic on the “disk images” button but nothing happens, I have already tried with chrome, firefox and internet explorer, but no links appear …

i have tried to look for alternate pages to download the image, but all other sites always point to the download section of the official site (which i totally understand and think is good, but it does not seem to work for me)

If i clic on the windows, mac or linux downloads it actually works fine!

any advice on this matter? thanks a lot!

There seems to be a problem with directly downloading disk images. I have messaged our web developer, @marktheis about this.

In the interim, just download images using the official installer. This is the recommended way to download and install OSMC anyway.

May I ask specifically why you want to download the disk image instead of the installer?


Thanks a lot Sam.

Actually im following a guide on instructables, about installing osmc with retropie on the raspberry pi.

Im not very familiar with linux, if i download the raspbian installer, and run it on the pie, will it work as if i downloaded the disk image?

You would need to download the installer on a second PC (Linux/Windows/Mac) to then write the Image to the SD Card that you are going to use in the Pi.
The same actually would apply for writing an image. You can not write the image from the SD card you booted of.

We need to work out how to make this clearer in the future.

You might want to have a look at:

It’s an alternative to dualboot setups.

It now works again.