Are the OSMC emails monitored?

I placed an order for a Vero v. But after more research have changed my mind. Rather than OSMC sending it out and me returning it.
It would be easier to cancel my order.

I have emailed sales & support @osmc. But unsure if they are monitored emails?

Order #56947


When did you send it? I’ve been away for two days and will pick up the emails tonight.

I will cancel your order, not a problem.

It wasn’t long ago only a day but after noticing that it’s mostly volunteer ran I thought it would be worth asking in here to make sure.
Yes please cancel that is great thank you.

Will catch up on emails later tonight and confirm with you by email

Thank you.

Emailed now – sorry. I usually try and reply to emails within 24 hours, although cases can sometimes be complex and take a bit longer.

Took a couple of days off while we restock as sales have been very high. Usually January is a quiet period but seemingly not…

All emails and phone support is handled by myself personally.



Ah that’s okay I wasn’t sure who monitored it. Replied to your email last night anyway thank you for replying.