Are there any functioning visualisations for Leia OSMC on RasPi?

The subject says it all: are there currently any functioning visualisations for Leia OSMC on Raspberry Pi? I had to uninstall even Shadertoy because it kept crashing.

Which shadertoy screensaver were you using?


Haven’t tested myself, but others confirm that it’s working later in thread

Works fine! At least the Shadertoy, not Waveform and Spectrum.
Many thx!!

I compiled the goom visualization for the vero4k. (not sure if it works on Pi as well). Which you can get from my repo here :

I also tried compiling newer versions of shadertoy, but only 1.1.10 and 1.2.3 would compile at all, and only 1.1.10 seems to work right (1.2.3 runs, but does not seem to detect any audio data, so doesn’t do anything interesting for any of the visualizations) (1.1.10 works fine, but is the same as virserg already has available)