Argon one m.2, PI4, osmc, hdmi.

I bought an Argon one m.2, installed it on the sd osmc. When you turn on the PI4 itself, everything works via hdmi. No signal from any of the hdmi outputs when connected through the Argon.

You should probably contact the manufacturer of that product.

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Sorry for my mistake, the hdmi cable is an old protocol

Is hdmi 2.0 required or is 2.1 possible?

The older cable spec should be fine for just booting into a HD UI. Since it is working directly connected to the RPi and not going through the adapter that came with the case then it likely is either a) a defective adapter b) a cable that is defective (obviously you don’t have the same cable in both test scenarios as they are different micro/full size) c) there is too much of a combined loss between the cable in use and the adapter combined.