Art / cover management

Good day to you all

I’ve been dealing with Kodi/Osmc for a while, but I now come to the point that I’d like to manage movies and series the way I want.
As an example, I’d like to join a collection of movies by author (ie, the Hitchcock or the Chaplin collection) the way a set of films can be (ie, Rambo I,II,II …)
And also, I had automagically the covert art for Dowton Abbey, for each season and episode, but cannot have the special end of season episode showing up in the user interface (I have to get it manually from the video tab)
Is there somewhere a doc where I could get an explanation ?
Thanks in advance and warm regards

that should help you get on your way :slightly_smiling:

Thanks, I have read and it helped a lot.
I am still strugling with getting ISO images ‘seen’ by the scrappers : maybye it’s because they are nor named properly ? FileBot is of no help with ISOs …
Thanks, anyway