as videoaddon?

Is it possible to add the to the video addons, so that we can see arte concerts in hd? Would be great!


If there is an addon for kodi already, there is no reason why it wouldn’t work as things stand.

And there is, and it does.

Ok… but why isn’t it in MY Raspberry pi2 visible???
I can’t see it in “normal” Kodi and not in OSMC. (Different sd-cards). Very strange for me…
what do I wrong???

Second pic:

Seems like the addon has been removed from the official Kodi Addon repo.

Its in a repository that is on the “banned” list.

“Banned” list??? Sorry, what and why??? (the link doesn’t explain anything to me…) It would be nice, if someone could explain to me.
Thanks a lot and please excuse my perhaps stupid questions :confused:

Kodi add-ons gets on the banned list if they infringe copy rights. This means that they are not approved and are using means to show contents that are not allowed to be showed in anything but official apps from the publisher.

If Kodi has banned the repo it is most likely that the addons in the repository is infringing on copyright