Artifacts/stutter in playback


Since the latest update I’ve had loads of artifacts/stutters in my NFS mounted playback.

Has anyone else had this or is it worth uploading some logs?


Yes, without logs and/or a picture of what the artefacts look like there’s nothing that can be done.

Please turn debug mode on in kodi before playing a video that stutters, then afterwards use the log uploader to upload your logs.

Try to take a picture of the artefacts as well if you mean that the image is corrupted.

The picture will be hard as it lasts a short time before it catches up.

I’ll try and get a log. Remind me again is it settings > system > debug…enable?

I’ll be back when I have something? I wanted to put something up to see if it wasn’t just be that had issues.


I have had this come up a number of times after updates with both Raspbmc and OSMC. For me, the culprit is almost always the HDMI cable (which gets moved around during power plug pull and replace). The issue would also sometimes crop up when dusting around the Pi. I use a Pi B (gen1), PiB+, Pi2 all with OSMC and a CuBox-i4pro with Geexbox, and all have had this issue. I have had AmazonBasic, MediaBridge, and Aurum Ultra display this issue.
Since moving to pulling the plug from the wall (and placing the player in an area that isnt dusted) this issue has gone away.
These cables still work with the Wii (HDMI converter) and the Bluray player… but no longer with the little media centers…

Scrub this error, it was a problem in the file.

I checked on another system and it had the same stutters.