Artist Slideshow - how to disable blue gradient overlay in Krypton skin?

Hi all,
I was not able to find any similar question, so I dare to open a new thread :wink:

I’m quite annoyed by the black-blue gradient overlay that is on the Artist Slideshow artworks that are displayed when playing back music.
Unfortunately I did not find any setting in the skin’s or Artist Slideshow addon settings to disable or at least modify the gradient.

Does anybody know how to get rit of it? It looks stylish when I’m in the menus (the artwork is displayed in the background), but when playing in fullscreen (without menu), it looks strange.

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P.S.: So far Krypton looks fine to me, I also like the new skin. Need to make the context menu button on my remote work again (mapping seems to have changed) though. Also the defaults of the skin with the random albums in the homescreen make my external HDD (where the music is on) spin up regularly. But after disabling them, it’s fine. So quite happy with it :slight_smile:

Maybe someone has at least a hint where to look for settings or in files? I don’t get where that gradient comes from and how to modify it :frowning:

There’s no option to disable it. The aim of the blue gradient is to ensure that all text is visible over whatever image is displayed underneath and as now playing information gets displayed over the artist slideshow, the gradient performs an important function.

It also wouldn’t be an easy job to manually disable it, as the same code in included in every window. The relevant code is here. To only display it for the fullscreen music visualisation, you’d need to add a visible condition to that for the relevant window - something like (the totally untested)


Thanks for the quick response. I actually don’t mind the gradient when in menus and when the currently playing information is displayed. But having the gradient even covering the slideshow when there is nothing else displayed is a bit weird. It feels more like a bug rather than an actually intended “feature”.

I remember that before Krypton (or before the new Skin whichever caused the change) there was no such overlay, the screen was just dimmed when displaying menus or the currently playing details but displayed the artist slideshow in full brightness and colors when only displaying the pictures.

Since I use it regularly, I guess I’ll have to look for another skin rather than messing around with the skin’s code.

Curiosity got the better of me so I tried this out and I have to admit it does look good without the gradient, so I’m going to try to sneak this into the upcoming skin update - no promises that I’ll manage to get it in in time so it may arrive in a later skin update. It will still display the gradient when the OSD or the current/next track are visible.

Did this make it in? I’m also trying desperately to disable the gradient which is essentially ruining this skin for me with a custom background.

Yes it did. Make sure that the currently playing information isn’t displayed (the gradient will still display when this is on-screen to ensure readability) - if it’s permanently displayed hit the ‘i’ key on your keyboard or the button mapped to ‘info’ on your remote. The gradient will then fade in and out along with the currently playing information.

Hello I have a question, can we modify this background (
I would like to remove the transparent gradient
without creating a problem, or even delete it

thank you

@yohanosmc I moved your question here as I assume this is related to what was discussed here.

Is it possible to replace the default.png with a transparent black png just by replacing it in