Artwork for tvshows

Hi. It’s very complicated to get artwork for tvshows. I’ve used all scrappers available.

I’ve seen apps like Infuse 3 for Ipad that display wonderful images.


Is there a question in your post ?

I don’t have any problems with the artwork quality.

Have you tried switching to different views? ie. Media Info 3

I thought this was Feature requests. I don’t have a question, I’m giving an idea for future improvements.

Developers can take it or not

Yes katze, I’ve tried. I’ll deal with languages, that I’ve heard can be the problem.

As I have two microsd’s I’ll make a clean installation in the other one and put everything in english

“It’s very complicated to get artwork for tvshows.” is not as far as I can see, a feature request but simply expressing an opinion.

If you have some ideas on how it could be improved, that would be useful.

Ok. since it is far too complicated to get artwork for tvshows, I think it’d be a great thing to see how other people do it. For example, Infuse 3 has made a great work and probably it’d be easier to look into it or to take ideas from them.

I’m not trying to disturb anyone, so if you have thought that was my intention, probably it’s my fault. I hope I’ve explained myself better this time

Can you explain exactly what the complication is? In my experience, adding the source and selecting the content/scraper is all that has been required here.

I met a lot of issues too to get pictures, …
For all new show of movie, it’s ok but after a backup, I need to check manually all TV Shows because the first internet image is always corrupted.