Artwork thumbnails for movie files

With the old WD TV live plus I had to download and place the artwork in each folder. The WD would only allow for 200 width x 300 height pixel dimensions. Using these same size pics on the Vero makes the pic look pixelated and out of focus. What size pic does the Vero allow, for best quality?

I’m using the default OSMC skin. Does the skin matter?

Is there an add-on in Vero that would download artwork for movies and albums?

The artwork will automatically downsize and cached at that lower resolution without your involvement. The skin is not involved.

The artwork is normally brought in with the regular scraping operation. Are you not using a library yet?

By default, OSMC limits the cached size to 720 pixels vertically. You can increase that value by editing ~osmc/.kodi/userdata/advancedsettings.xml. For more info, see

“Update library on startup” is set to off. I’ll turn it on.

Thank you.

Don’t turn on “update library on startup”. What I was asking was if you were using the library or just going to the files section and playing your content from there. If you had setup sources and scraped them then artwork should have already come in for most sources. If you have local artwork (depending on how their named) that might override what was downloaded (or rather kept it from being downloaded). If this is the case then you can either delete your small local art and rescrape, or you can on a file by file basis go to the information screen and choose new artwork.

I go to Videos>Files>Hard drive>then choose movie. The local artwork that is in each folder is labeled “folder.jpg”

I’ll delete the artwork. Will it automatically rescrape or do I need to do something else?

Then your not using a library. If you want that artwork to show up in better quality in that section then you would have to either have a library (and a setting turned on to show artwork in file view) or you would need to have higher resolution folder.jpg’s.

If you go the library route you would want to remove those files before scraping as they will take precedence over an online source.

If you want to stick with the file view route then you would probably need to start looking into a third party media manager (assuming you don’t want to manually acquire better artwork)

The default resolution settings for artwork in Kodi work well and I doubt you need to change anything with that.

For setting up a library read this.

I would like to try library, is it in the Kodi wiki or can you point me to a set up procedure? NEVER MIND!

Side question: how do I turn off the “$RECYCLE.BIN, System Volume Information, etc.” folders that show up on my drives?

How are your drives mounted? Those folders should have already been hidden.

I just attach drive directly to Vero USB port then go to Video>Files or Auto-mounted drives>Hard drive and the $RECYCLE.BIN folder shows up.

I guess I was mistaken. If you were mounting a folder you wouldn’t see those but if you want to keep the files in the root than you could make/add to an advancedsettings.xml file to hide them like shown in this post.

This advancedsettings.xml file that you recommended, is this ran in windows or osmc?

Since I have my drive directly connected to vero, I’m not sure where to run this.

It is a file you have to make yourself and put in your userdata folder in the Vero.

Alternatively you could use a more standard approach and store your files in folders instead of the root of the drive. If you are going to set up a library at some point you will have to do this anyway. You will have to have seperate top level folders for movies, TV, and music, so you can setup scraping on those top level folders to scan the stuff inside of them.

Great, I’ve been reading thru the setting up of the library. I have to rename and set up all the different folders first. I didn’t realize that the library could do so much. I’m sure I’ll be asking more questions as I’m doing it, but I’ll make a separate post for that. Thanks for the help.