Aspect ratio disappears after playing movie

I use the default OSMC skin and in the bottom left hand corner underneath the poster artwork you get some basic file specs like:

H.265 - UHD (4K) 1.78:1 
Dolby Atmos (Dolby TrueHD 7.1)
2h 6m

In the first line it displays the aspect ratio at the end.
But I noticed that it only does this on files I have yet to watch.
If I have watched the movie, even if I only watched just a couple seconds and exited out, then it no longer reports the aspect ratio anymore.
Now it just looks like:

H.265 - UHD (4K) 
Dolby Atmos (Dolby TrueHD 7.1)
2h 6m

The only setting I could think of that would have any bearing on this “Settings>Media>Videos>Extract video information from files” which I have enabled.
So I disabled that setting for testing purposes and went and removed an unplayed movie from my video library and rescanned it, then when it came back into the library it didn’t have the aspect ratio.
So I figure I would re-enable that setting, remove the movie from the library again and rescan it and it would then probably show the aspect ratio, but it didn’t.
Unless a reboot is required for the setting to take effect, changing that setting made no difference.
So now I’m wondering, (1) how do any of my files have the aspect ratio listed in the first place and (2) why would that go away after playing the file?
Any ideas?

My guess would be a bug. The ‘how’ would be kodi reading and refreshing the media info whenever it is played. If you swap a video file from say a 720 to a 1080 version but use the same name to avoid a rescan you can see the video information gets updated when you play it.

@chillbo I think we discussed this a while back.

This is not skin-dependent, but a Kodi issue. The info label which provides the aspect ratio information to the skin seems to return nothing anymore after a playback. We have no bearing on this.

I cannot comment on the Kodi setting you’ve mentioned, @Kontrarian, as I have no idea how it wohl affect how Kodi feeds the info labels for skins.

Indeed. I think that’s why we left it. The question for @Kontrarian would be why do you want to know?

The aspect ratio information is not really useful anyway… Kodi just outputs the file’s aspect ratio, not the aspect ratio of the movie like it’s printed on the box (without the black bars).

Well, I do have some files where I have both the 4:3 and 16:9 versions, namely Peanuts stuff.
I prefer the original aspect ratio because the cropped versions make me feel uncomfortable, like claustrophobic (which I am not), but my children could care less.
So it’s nice to see the distinction.
I could rename them to FS and WS, but it’s nice when it does it for you.
Just seems odd that it would be there prior to watching the video, but not after.
I would imagine it being opposite.
Like it doesn’t know what the aspect ration is until it’s read the file, as opposed to knowing the aspect ratio prior to reading the file but then forgetting it after it’s been read.
That strange behavior made me feel like maybe I had changed a setting at some point in time and didn’t remember.

This still doesn’t explain how the behaviour described here would be possible. I have no in-depth knowledge of the Kodi code responsible for feeding information to the respective info labels and how that process is influenced by said setting on the code level. Therefore I can’t comment on the possible reason for this behaviour.

It’s most likely not a skin issue, but a Kodi issue. I’d bet it’s a behaviour other skins will show as well. It’s probably best to post this on the Kodi forum…

I don’t think it’s anything we’ve done. I think it came with Leia.

It is not a OSMC or skin bug. When the initial scan is performed the full media info is being stored (the middle image) and after playing the file Kodi rescans the file and updates the info (the bottom image) but as you can see not only is it not populating the aspect ratio field but it also omits the subtitle entries as well.

Interesting, it would seem that if we could forbid Kodi from updating the info post initial scan we would be better off.
Of course, if Kodi just did what it should that would be even better.
Curious as to why it even does this.
I’ll see if I can find anything on there end.

I have a fix for aspect ratio. I don’t know much about subtitles. Does the lack of them in the db have any effect in practice?

I have no idea. I wasn’t looking for that but since I noticed it I thought it was worth pointing out in case someone else saw an issue with them going missing. I assume that section of the database is mainly for skin support and I have no experience with that. I don’t change around my skins so I don’t know if anyone is using that info. That missing sub info does not affect selecting subtitles in videos that I could find.

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I’ve never seen a skin display subtitles language and/or format in the library.
Wouldn’t be a bad feature for those who use subs.

Maybe it could look something like this:

H.265 - UHD (4K) 1.78:1 
Dolby Atmos (Dolby TrueHD 7.1)
English SDH PGS
2h 6m

Could get tricky though with multiple subs and external subs.
Personally, I’m a stats geek so I’d love to see a bunch of specs like:

UHD Remux (H.265 - 3840x2160 - 10bit - BT.2020 - 1.78:1)  
Dolby Atmos (TrueHD - 7.1)
English SDH PGS
2h 6m


Web Rip (H.264 - 1920x1080 - 8bit - BT.709 - 1.78:1)  
DD+ (E-AC-3 - 5.1)
English SRT
2h 6m

That would require more than just a skin to support it as the only information that was being recorded from the subs was language. I would question the usefulness of displaying that info and would not want to be the person trying to figure out how to display a movie with ten different languages.

Well, our skin does show subtitle languages… When opening the info dialog of a video and pressing ‘More…’ :wink:

This is indeed a bug in Kodi 18.3.

I contributed to the Kodi Bug report along with a few others. The report has been closed now and I can confirm that this no longer happens in the 18.4 nightlies so when the official 18.4 is released And included in OSMC it will be fixed.

I too like seeing the aspect ratio because I use it to set the zoom on my projector. I am planning on writing a plugin to automate the projector zooming but at the moment I do it manually

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This one? What’s not completely clear is whether only the a/r issue is fixed by this or also the subtitle information bug. Can you comment on this from experience with 18.4, @web1?

Got to say that’s confusing. How can a commit titled ‘delete stream details’ result in the stream details being retained?