Asus USB-N10 Nano B1 wifi not working on RPi2

Hi there,
I’m trying to add WiFi to OSMC installation on RPi2, with Asus USB-N10 Nano B1 wifi adapter.

Well, it’s not working:
Wireless network adapter appears in the GUI, but when I try to enable it, it switches back to disabled.
Using POSMC build 2023.08-1

Any ideas? Would the logs help?

Not enough power?

Might be, at least with the USB ID we could see which version of the Stick you have and if it is supported

OK, I’ve tried a few older OSMC versions, and after some trial and error, downgraded to OSMC 2020-12-27 release, based on Kodi 18.9 (Leia).
The Asus USB-N10 Nano B1 WiFi adapter works on this version.


Ok, the Kodi version should not make the difference but the kernel and modules.
Maybe @sam_nazarko can check

Hard to say without a log

Well, since I’ve already reinstalled and reconfigured the RPi with the older OSMC version, it would be a bit cumbersome to redo that just to get the log files…
I guess I’ll just leave this topic at this point, for anyone coming upon this problem in the future :/.