Attempting emulation using Kodi v18

I’m running the Kodi 18 alpha (either 227 or 228) and trying to figure out this whole “running emulators” thing.

I’ve got a SNES ROM, (.smc) and I’ve checked it works on my desktop. Getting any sort of emulator to start on my Pi3 running OSMC seems to be a non-starter though!

I’m not sure if those last two steps are needed. I’m kind of stumped as to how to launch an emulator on the system!

Here’s what I’ve attempted:

As I understand it ROM Collection Browser (RCB from now on!) is supposed to detect that I’m running Kodi v18 and figure out where the emulators are installed. It doesn’t. I can point it to the relevant .so files in /user/libs/ but that doesn’t work either. It’ll then start but essentially it’s running without knowing how to launch any emulators

I can run RCB manually but it doesn’t detect my SNES .smc file and browsing to the file through the Kodi games tab doesn’t let me run anything (as in it’s visible but trying to play it does nothing).

Similarly trying to launch a different game using the Internet Archive ROM Launcher doesn’t work. That is to say it downloads a ROM and it won’t launch it in an emulator.

Am I attempting the impossible here or just being hilariously incompetent?