Is anyone here running Attractmode as a Frontend instead of Emulation Station on their Pi?

Emulationstation is integrated into retropie. You can of course try to use a different frontend and let us know if and how that works :slight_smile:

OK, I got it running on the OSMC install with your emulationstation addition using these directions:

Also installed xinit and xterm via apt-get install.

Using the retroarch configs used by retropie for attractmode works well.

However, so far I have been unable to modify your script to launch attractmode from kodi.

To run attractmode from the command line I use this: xinit attract

It seems emulationstation doesn’t use x, so it wasn’t just a quick script change to remove references to emulationstation.

This is the theme I am using within attractmode: ONYX ARCADE
And more information about attractmode is here:

If you can guide me to modify the script to launch an x app from kodi, that would be great.

The script should contain a line to start emulationstation.

Change that to your program.

In the script change the pgrep command from emulationstatio to your program.

I’m trying…haven’t been able to change it to launch a program in x yet…for example /usr/bin/xinit xterm

I duplicated the plugin so I can play some more…

You do not even need to change the plugin I think.
Changing the scripts should be enough.

I’d like to be able to choose Emulationstation and Attractmode, so the extra plugin will eventually be needed.

I see :slight_smile: