ATV HDD Install Stuck during "Installing Files"

After having a successful HDD install by using Elfnino’s step-by-step guide, today I tried Sam’s new HDD installer.

I’m using a SanDisk Cruzer 4GB mirco USB stick. Sadly it got stuck twice at ‘Installing files’.


I think it was my own fault the installer got stuck. There was clearly an instruction on screen to eject the USB stick and powerdown the ATV for at least 10 seconds. I was stubborn and didn’t powerdown the ATV, but used the ATV remote to reset the ATV by pressing and holding the buttons ‘-’ and ‘Menu’ at the same time.
This resulted in hanging while display ‘Installing files’.

The third time I followed the instructions and really powered down the ATV.
The OSMC installation was now succesful!

Thank you Sam for doing such a great job. I’m really pleased continuing the ATV as my main mediaplayer!

For those that may have this issue, see @legato23 comment in bold, above.