ATV Partitions and SSD questions

I had a lot of issues getting OSMC for ATV installed , about 10 days ago with latest downloaded version at that time. . I tried many different tricks.

In the end I never was able to get a working install on HDD (which is actually an SSD) from OSMC installer (on linux) and USB thumb drive. This SSD was used under CB2. I also tested other SSDs

So by some great error I did a USB install and as I did not actually have a HDD nor SSD installed the USB stick identified itself as SDA 1 and what I ended up doing was a USB thumb drive install that was copyable to the SSD. I did not hesitate to just the dd this thumb drive to the SSD then expand the partition to fill the drive

ATV boots up fine , however if I reboot from kodi menu I get ATV with “?” logo.

upon further investigation in these forums apparently there was some patitions issue with partitions being mounted read only . I see that the HFS+ partition mounts at /boot . Should this be directly writable from within the OS and sudo? My /boot appears read only when I ssh into the ATV and try to write to it.

However I do recall years ago with ATVbooloader and previous versions of CB this at least used to be normal behaviour, correct?