ATV replacement IDE cable

So I have an ATV that needs a new IDE cable. I somehow lost the original one, and need a replacement for it. if someone could point me to a reputable place or a link on amazon, then i would be extremely grateful.

Thanks in advance,


I bought some Chinese 6 Inch (I think) IDE cables as replecements years ago. All worked fine with one exception…

As Apple in their infinite wisdom to make things proprietary they used a smaller IDE connector shell.

My solution was to break out the sides of the plastic on the ATV motherboard, surrounding the IDE connector (Plastic Shroud) . I think I had to snip out only the sides of said shroud.

Also make sure you do not get cables with a missing Pin or a keyed pin as this was another issue I had. Cable should have all holes, as I recall ATV side of cable has all pins.

Maybe you would be better off with an IDE to SATA adapter and a new SATA drive?

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