ATV Stuck on installing screen

Been waiting long time for this realise Last night did try on my old atv 1 and got stuck on installing screen with new OSMC installer. Create a usb stick got the first screen with formating device progress bar the when go to installing the progress bar goes all the way but stuck there. So far i try 3 times and every time got stuck on installing screen with progress bar all full. Any ideas? All help will be appreciate.

Hi Guillermo,

I suggest start having a read here and see if you can get some logs:

i try with a different usb stick and got to the ot now i dont have internet!!

Yes, the common solution for being stuck at “installing files”, is to use a different USB stick

Please create a new thread for the networking problem.

In my case Apple PI-Baker was only breaking partition table on my USB stick. Also the images from before 11.18 didn’t work - 11.18 was the first one that worked fine.

Big update. First of all i want to apologize for not to post before about my progress.
All working now. Actually i have a fresh new install on atv to hdd with the new installer for mac.
So happy im about to install on my 2nd atv.
Thank you very much for all of you great job.