ATV1 Installer?

this thread is being omitted, i guess.

here to help and test if needed :wink:

I too would like to offer my my help as well for testing purposes. I used to test on my raspberry, but recently was gifted with an ATV1 unit

bye for now

Looking forward to an ATV1 build. Want to get more life out of my ageing box!
Cheers and good luck Sam!


Any new news on the Apple TV installation?

I too would like to add my interest in an ATV1 installer for OSMC. Just 2 weeks ago I was “turned on” to OSMC, and have it installed on 2 Raspberry Pi B+'s, and a Raspberry Pi 2, and will be Purchasing a Vero as they become available to more of us. In anticipation of the ATV 1 installer, I just completed an order for the Crystal HD card for my extremely dusty Apple TV, and will be spending next weekend installing it, along with Raspbmc.

I am excited with the RC for Pi so far, and imagine I’m not alone in anticipating OSMC running on my ATV1.

My thanks, and appreciation for all the blood, sweat, & tears the OSMC team has endured to bring us such an exciting product!

To take the pressure of Sam, as we know he’s a busy man…

A few of us old school Crystalbuntu users have been running Kodi 14.1 and Kodi 15 Alpha2 aka Isengard on Crystalbuntu ATV1’s. Kodi runs pretty well too with Crystal HD support put back in, especially Isengard.

Simple install instructions are over in this thread:


The thread is huge. Can you point us to the post with install instructions for newbies?

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I think I’ve opened a can of worms here… :wink:

The very first page it says…

[quote]EDIT: 1st Feb - Kodi 14.1 stable compiled.
Instructions for Kodi 14.1. stable here:[/quote]

Follow the link, I cannot make it any simpler.

If you can copy and paste and know how to use Putty for Windows or Terminal for OSX to SSH into the ATV you should be fine.

hi is there any way of installing osmc on the atv 1 with the original iOS on it, as it has not had any hacking done to it as yet, thanks.

sam thank you very much man for keeping up with the ATV1 yourself and others who worked on the project have gotten me through some awesome entertainment years. Hope all is well and thank you for all of your awesomeness =p

Yes… Hope the release of OSMC came soon for our apple tv 1… i really miss using it.

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Yup I really want to install this on my atv 1 ASAP… Or I may go back to cb, as the link above can hopefully show me how until the osmc is ready!

Hi Sam

Just wondering, if we could have an update, as to the progress of OSMC for ATV1?
If needed, I’d be more than happy to test a release for you :smile:

Come on. Forum does not let new users post more than 3 times in the same thread and instead encourages me to post in another thread or make a new thread. I’m not atm interested in replying to other threads or starting my own. The forum settings are crazy. Do you want to discourage people from using the forum or what?

is there a ATV1 build, now?

would be grat to hear from you, #Neewbie


When there is, it will be announced here

Hey WRXtasy ,

thanks again for the walk through from open ELEC to Crystalubuntu was very useful. Currently I’m using your compiled version of March 29 2015 Its considered a “dirty Version” haha but I was curious if there is an easy way to , instead of making a new USB stick to update the dirty version to a clean version =)

Thanks again,



I have made a new thread here: Progress at last, where I will be keeping users updated as OSMC development progresses.

Not long now


Hi Wrxtasy,
I have installed Crystalbuntu 2 on ATV but the link for instruction on upgrading to Kodi 14.1 is gone. Could you let me give me a new link or instruction on how to upgrade my ATV 1 to Kodi 14.1?