ATV1 Installer?

Come on. Forum does not let new users post more than 3 times in the same thread and instead encourages me to post in another thread or make a new thread. I’m not atm interested in replying to other threads or starting my own. The forum settings are crazy. Do you want to discourage people from using the forum or what?

is there a ATV1 build, now?

would be grat to hear from you, #Neewbie


When there is, it will be announced here

Hey WRXtasy ,

thanks again for the walk through from open ELEC to Crystalubuntu was very useful. Currently I’m using your compiled version of March 29 2015 Its considered a “dirty Version” haha but I was curious if there is an easy way to , instead of making a new USB stick to update the dirty version to a clean version =)

Thanks again,



I have made a new thread here: Progress at last, where I will be keeping users updated as OSMC development progresses.

Not long now


Hi Wrxtasy,
I have installed Crystalbuntu 2 on ATV but the link for instruction on upgrading to Kodi 14.1 is gone. Could you let me give me a new link or instruction on how to upgrade my ATV 1 to Kodi 14.1?