ATV1 looses config/settings after reboot

Im a user of this build for the past few years, from the crystalubuntu days. I just flashed my father in-laws apple tv1 with the latest OSMC ver. got all the add ons install and configure the main menu layout, but after reboot, or power down the whole configuration goes back to like if it was freshly installed, except it still has all the add ons installed but none of the shortcuts or favorites. Ive installed it and restore back to apple os and reinstalled cosmic and nothing, every time it reboots it looses the whole config layout. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Is there an exit option available? If so, then use it, allow Kodi to restart again. Changes should then be persistent.

Installed to USB or HDD?
Which image did you use?

The October one may work better than the latest one, but I’d need feedback on that.

HDD image, I tried the October one, and the December with same results.

Not sure what you are referring to exit option, didn’t see any.

Thank you for the quick reply and trying to help me with this matter.

Thank you ActionA, I completely overlooked the exit button on the power menu.

Im sure there is a logical explanation, but if you don’t click the exit button after making any changes it doesn’t save it. I never had to do that in the other HW that use koi on, but it doesn’t matter, what matter is that i know what to do in the future if i run into this issue again.

Thanks a lot for all the help.

So you were switching off other hardware also without proper shut down?

always have, never had this issue before.

My other hw are, Imac27 (bedroom tv), FireStick (kids room) ATV4 (family room)

You need to shut down the device via Kodi before pulling the plug

will do from now on. Thank you again for all the help guys.