Atv1 working with internal wifi card

Hi, congratulations for your fantastic work.
The same as: OSMC suppport for internal Wifi on Apple TV (ATV1)
I have read about this, and some people ask about this option: Apple tv1 working with internal wifi card.
Video composite and RGB output by RCA Connector (Cinch) , like original Atv1.
I don’t have internet access over wired cable, only WIFI.
Thank you from Portugal.

Have a search. It can be done by installing b43-fwcutter

I’d recommend you use a CrystalHD card and purchase a WiFi dongle instead (OSMC sells compatible dongles on their Store)


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Thank you for your fast replay and suggestion.
I have read here about replacing internal wifi by Crystal HD, but i would prefer to use it in original state…
For my it would be OK to not have HD, just for normal usage, as simple as possible.

Thank you once again for your fantastic work and dedication.

If you have absolutely no need for HD content the original Apple OS may be a better option


Hello. Thank you for your suggestion.
Original Apple OS is very limited as we now, not suitable for playing around…
OSMC on LAN cable is very nice, i have tested it in my friends house, lots of German channels (i lived in germany) and other options.
Would it be possible to include it in OSMC lib or as a add-on b43-fwcutter for those like me (simple user) ?
Just like Plug and play.
Sorry, I’m not a programmer.
Thanks for your attention