Atvclient version in osmc

I want to know if the atvclient in osmc is the kraqh3ad atvclient?

I want to use a customizing remote which can be done with that newer kraqh3ad branch.

Also i am making a separate post about where to find old forums as i really need to see the dev section there with the related discusión and hopefully a link to kraqh3ad code.

See GitHub - samnazarko/atvclient: AppleTV Remote XBMC Event Client for Linux

I found that however i dont not know whether that is based on the eviyater or kraqh3ad version or maybe your own.

I had hoped to find our where the other versión was posted. I have an old copy of an early version but i know it was fixed since then

As i recall there was a startup script used the craqh3ad versión that allowed one to specify a customised remote file that worked in addition to the apple remote.

This appears to be the startup script in osmc and i do ser the -m option which i believe is multi-remote but that could be for a harmony remote. If this is based on the kraqh3ad version (which i can not find on the web) , how do i specify the customizing remote file.

Not really a coder so any guidancenis appreciated. I do not really want to give up my custom remote on atv

Where night i find the tarball of old messajes ??? I se no reason why you would not keep the old forums up as read only for exactly this kind of reason