Audio blank when resuming a paused video

OK, then this behavior is with every avr i guess. thanks for the answer. then i will research for an alternative player (no shield, no kodi, same behavior).

It’s something we could look in to addressing, but would be lower priority at the moment.

For most audio/video files, only a small fraction of a second. My Denon AVR is a few years newer than yours but it does not switch anything when the audio stream is stopped, only when a new one is started. I can see what it is doing in real time on a phone app.

Just a thought, if you turn off gui sounds does this behavior change?

thats the first thing i did… :slight_smile:
thx again and good luck, gonna buy an oppo 203 or M9702 if i can get one…

As I believe the Denon AVR-3313 was first launched about 2012, May I suggest you first upgrade to a new AVR, as that is all that may be required to fix your problem.