Audio Decoder plugins seem to be missing

I have a number of old midi and mods that I’d like to listen to (sampled music tracker files)

There are kodi plugins that exist and for example, but I do not see any audio-decoder plugins showing up in OSMC. Am I missing something? (some optional debian package I need to manually install to see decoders show up?)

Any ideas?

I don’t think these are supported on ARM, if I remember correctly.

LibreElec appears to have them on their ARM builds.

and here for example here

I’d be willing to try building some of them myself, ( for example) if you can point me at some more recent documentation on how to compile for the vero (the docs here appear to be a bit dated)

The underlying library openmnt is based on (libopenmnt) is available to install on the vero right now… (sudo apt install libopenmpt0 ) so I would assume it works on arm.

My fileserver and laptop are both debian buster). I’ve compiled kodi on my fileserver before, but am not sure what is required for OSMC, or cross-compiling for arm.


Compiling on your PC isn’t ideal but you could do it.

Instead on the Vero, you could run:

git clone
cd osmc/package/mediacenter-osmc
make vero3

After some time, you’ll have a vero3-mediacenter-osmc.deb which you can install with dpkg -i vero3-mediacenter-osmc.deb


How much space does the build environment need? (not sure if I need to scrounge up and external drive to plug in for this)

Probably 3-4GB for Kodi.

I got it to compile (had a heck of a time getting all the dependencies, and for the life of me, I don’t know why it had a problem with zlib-dev… but eventually, after installing some completely unrelated package, it suddenly could find zlib…

anyway, it built, but when I try to install, kodi doesn’t seem to like the zip file…

osmc@osmc2:~$ zip -r audiodecoder.openmpt
adding: audiodecoder.openmpt/ (stored 0%)
adding: audiodecoder.openmpt/addon.xml (deflated 49%)
adding: audiodecoder.openmpt/icon.png (deflated 30%)
adding: audiodecoder.openmpt/ (deflated 59%)
adding: audiodecoder.openmpt/ (deflated 59%)
adding: audiodecoder.openmpt/fanart.jpg (deflated 17%)
adding: audiodecoder.openmpt/ (deflated 59%)

but then kodi complains
2019-11-29 00:08:39.897 T:4067418112 ERROR: Failed to read ‘zip://’

can kodi not read zip files created with debian zip for some reason?

Strange, copied it over to my server, unziped it, and rezipped it there, and that version installed ok.

And it works. I can now play my tracker files (mods, xm, s3m etc).

in case anyone is interested, I pulled the source for this plugin from here: from the Leia branch